Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Most Dangerous Mood Swings Side Effects of Drugs (part 2 of 2)

This is yet another thing that’s taken for granted by many. Poor sleeping habits will lead to stress and possibly mood swings and depression. Sleep is something our bodies need to stay healthy and become healthier. In general, a person needs seven to eight hours of sleep each day and when your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it will pay the consequences not for hours or days but weeks.

Likewise, too much sleep can also become a problem. Excessive sleep can make your body weaker and your responses more laggard, all of which can lead to mood swings as well.

True enough, mood swings can also be caused by something as simple as poor diet. Eat the right food and you’ll not only become more physically fit but you’ll also feel better as well. Moderation is the key to the right diet. Eating plenty of greens and vitamin-rich foods is always good but you don’t have to stay away completely from meats and sweets. You can eat them, too, but just make sure you eat the appropriate amount only.

Unlike drinking wine or liquor, smoking has no redeeming factor. It is completely bad for your health. Quitting smoking, however, will not be an easy process. You will suffer from nicotine withdrawal, in which mood swings are just one of the many symptoms. The same can be said when you’ve suffered from drug addiction and are currently undergoing rehabilitative treatment.

Finally, mood swings can also be caused by whatever medications and treatments you’re choosing. The severity of your mood swings will depend on the dosage of your medication as well as its potency. If you find possibly natural cause for your mood swings, your current medications may indeed be the culprit and in this case, it’s important to inform your physician immediately.

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