Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Most Dangerous Mood Swings Side Effects of Drugs (part 1 of 2)

Mood swings occur more frequently than most people think, but for you to notice, you’d have to spend a considerable amount of time with those affected by it. With mood swings, a person could be happy one moment and lonely the next. Mood swings, even the most dangerous ones, often have natural underlying causes but in rare cases, they could also be a side effect of drugs.

What Are Mood Swings?
Mood swings are excessive mood changes occurring rapidly or in a short period of time. Humans naturally have a wide spectrum of emotions to express their wants and needs. It is normal for us to laugh and cry in one day. What’s not normal is when you do the same thing in the space of a few minutes or something equally short. These instances are what’s referred to as mood swings.

Gender and Mood Swings
Studies show that there’s a 2:1 ratio between and women and men experiencing mood swings. This, however, is not altogether surprising when you consider how mood swings tend to arise from hormonal disturbances or disorders. Mood swings, for instance, are prevalent during pregnancy and menstruation, wherein hormonal changes occur in both situations.

Possible Causes of Mood Swings
Although there are various therapies and medications available to treat people with mood swings, it’s always best to start with determining the underlying cause behind their condition.

Stress is incredibly powerful and it must never be underestimated. When you are experiencing stress, its effects are not merely emotional and psychological but physical and mental as well. You feel tired, weaker, and more easily irritated. All these can lead to mood swings and when left untreated, they can rapidly deteriorate and have a negative impact on your health as well as your relationship with other people.

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